Unfortunately, I’m back

My mind is on the verge of being completely worthless, so I won’t even attempt to catch up on 10 days of writing tonight. Expect a lot of reading material tomorrow night, though. I have a lot I’d like to write about (it’s driving me nuts that I can’t write it tonight, but I’m just way too tired).

So anyways, I’m back from a wonderful, awesome, fabulous, fantastic tour in FLORIDA. I got a lot of sun, we had a lot of incredible concerts, and I spent ten days with 70 really great people. This last week I felt incredible. I haven’t felt that good in a long time. It was truly a really great tour, and somehow even managed to be relaxing despite 16 concerts and 1400 miles of driving. But now I’m back in stupid, cold Indiana and I hate it. Moreso I hate the fact that I’m back at school. Pretty much my whole group felt the same way. When we ate dinner tonight, it was basically a bunch of us sitting around the table being depressed that we were a) back in school, and b) no longer in Florida.

I think palm trees are healing for my soul. I think useless work meetings at 7:30am on my day to sleep in make me want to jump off a bridge.