This Just in…

This just in: playing golf every week makes you a better golfer.

Nate and I played at Shenandoah Valley Golf Club, in Front Royal, VA today. It’s been rated as one of the ten best public courses in Virginia, and at just $31 for 18 w/cart is a great deal to boot. It’s gorgeous… nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, you’re surrounded by mountain peaks on all sides. Several of the holes boast amazing views of the ridges as you tee off, the grass is immaculate, and the staff is even friendly. Typically Nate and I play at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in West Virginia, a backwoods, hillbilly golf course. But we got frustrated last week when it cost us $45 to play 2 rounds of golf, considering it’s EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE to play two rounds at Shenandoah Valley.

Today my new driver finally made it out of the driving range and onto the course, where it rewarded me with many 280-290 yard drives and more accuracy than I ever hit my 3-wood with. Actually, I played amazing golf today… until I got onto the green. I ended up shooting an 84, but would have easily shot more like a 75 or 76 if I didn’t putt like a 7-year old girl. I holed out a 25-yard chip (over a bunker) for birdie, knocked it stiff on the par-3 17th (I actually thought it was going in the hole for about 10 seconds), and hit an amazing sand shot to within inches on the 11th. Too bad I probably hit 30 putts over the course of 18 holes… I think it’s actually better for me to purposefully roll just off the edge of the green so I can chip. I’m much better at chipping.

I like golf.