The Minuteman Project

If you’ve been following the “Minutemen Project” at all over the last week or so, then you have probably read some of the same articles I’ve read, and to be honest, they’ve just got me plain upset. I was unaware of this phrase until just recently, but apparently now we feel that there are Migrants Rights, and there are even migrants rights activists groups, all there to protect the “rights” of illegal migrants.

What I’m not sure about is where to go with this blog. One part of me wants to just rip up and down on people for saying that now we owe illegal aliens rights just the same as anyone else in our country. That’s one of the most retarded things I’ve ever heard. They don’t belong to our country! How on earth are we all of the sudden expected to give them rights, which basically
amounts to letting them come live freely in our country. I don’t know about you, but I don’t pay 25% of my income in taxes so that millions of illegal immigrants can roam about on our soil, using our infrastructure that we pay for. I have to pay the same
as everyone else, and I expect anyone who enjoys the benefits and priviledges of those tax dollars to pay their share, as well. I get really, really heated when I start debating this stuff, and personally I almost want to tell the Minutemen to use our right, the one which our country was founded on, to shoot the guys if that’s what it takes. Maybe if something acutually happens to immigrants that’s more strict than a discounted bus ticket back home, they might actually think twice about breaking our laws.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem hardly fair to trash on illegal immigrants (as much as they deserve it) and their rights, when we are right now spending hundreds of billions of dollars to protect the rights of a country 10,000 miles away, even if the only true purpose of that war is to protect our oil supply. I just don’t get what about that makes sense. If we took the $400 billion dollars this war has cost, and spread it around in our country’s quickly-failing education system, think of how far $400Bn dollars could go. We could give 4,000 school systems each a hundred million dollars, and maybe then we could keep the important
education programs, like music and art and the things which not only are most important, but are also most likely to engender a generation of children who are peaceful and caring enough to actual make the changes we want our guns and tanks to make in Iraq. And think about it, let’s say each of those 4,000 school systems puts that money into long-term investments and lives off the interest. a couple of million a year would easily fund most creative arts programs, and not only would those all be funded, but
it would be a great economic stimulation, as well. If all of the sudden we pumped 400 billion into our economy, maybe the dollar wouldn’t be losing quite as much money, and maybe trade would be even stronger, and who knows. (I’m not an economist, and I’m sure someone who is will point out a major theoretical flaw in my little platform I just made, but hey, it sounds good to me).

I just think our founding fathers were ridiculous people. I mean who really expects a democracy of uninformed, unintelligent people to make good votes and elect qualified people into office? Based on the people who run our government right now,
I sure don’t.