The Documentary

Today was another exciting day in my life. I went to Walmart two or three times. I almost jumped out my window while preparing for our first century worship service, and I managed to make my first major mistake of the semester. True, not having the book was actually a mistake made many times over, like each time I thought about the report and didn’t actually start reading. But as far as my homework planning goes, the mistake goes on today’s record. Maybe some grace since the bookstore is an accomplice?

The Documentary: Wednesday

Not to make any comments about our school internet being the worst technological mishap to ever waste space on the earth, but currently my photos are uploading at 0.4 kb/sec. That’s about the speed of a 300 baud modem. So if the pics don’t work right now, come back tomorrow. I promise, they’re uploading as fast as 1985 technology will let them.