Separation of church and state

I’m sorry that I’ve been so politcally minded lately… but then again this is my website, and I’ll write about whatever I feel like :)

I read somewhere that a case in Pennsylvania is coming before the courts which would allow teachers to teach the theory of “intelligent design” for the origin of the Universe. It seems as though people are finally starting to realize the absurdity and absolute illogicality of the big bang theory, Darwin’s claim to fame. Of course, critics of the bill just pass it off as Creationism in camouflage, and the proponents of the bill say it’s just a more accurate scientific theory of what happened. The whole debate goes back to 1987, when the Supreme Court ruled that the teaching of Creationism is violation of the separation of church and state. So apparently since Atheism isn’t a religious viewpoint, the Big Bang theory must be the only account we can teach in school.

I’m so sick of the American way. Our lawmakers and leaders claim to be giving ‘freedom and justice for all’ or whatever crap they proclaim, and end up giving more of a ‘freedom for the sissy crybabies who are too stupid to know better’ feel to our country. If we decided to teach Creation in public schools, then all sorts of rights movements would come out of the woodworks crying foul play, and eventually win their viewpoint and narrow us back to evolution again. Who loses in this case? Everyone. So we decide that since we don’t like a particular theory or belief, it’s better to just not think about it; and proceed to culture generation after generation of ignorant morons who have no ability to formulate understanding because they’ve never been forced to think for themselves. Unfortunately, this is not limited to public schools. Private schools do it just as much, only there things are approached from the other end of the spectrum.

I guess what it boils down to is being tired of people who become adamant in beliefs they have no way of justifying or proving. ‘I’ve always been told this, so I’ll just believe it even though I don’t know why.’ It’s true of almost all Christians as well–they believe things without having any sort of rhyme or reason to believe them. In the end, our ‘magnificent’ country continues to get lazier, fatter, and more ignorant than ever before. Smart countries like Japan, Korea, and the Netherlands pull ahead of us and leave us in the dirt (and for a lot less tax money than us). And I blame it all on a founding principle which has been misinterpreted since pretty much the time it was written. Well, that, and the fact that Americans are lazy.

Sorry to waste your time, but I felt like ranting and raving for a few minutes.