Pics from the vault (Part 2)

I got out my old desktop today, and after a little magic managed to get it to a point where it would function well enough to move all my old files off it. I didn’t care for most of them, but there was about 2GB of pictures I desperately wanted from it, and sure enough, I finally got them all off. So in light of yesterday’s pics, which I handily labeled ‘part 1,’ here are some more random pics, part deux. If you watch carefully, you can see me get fat as college goes on :)

Class Picture

Lakeview H.S. class of 2002 (Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic)

Brookhaven seniors

Ben, me, Ryan, and Aeron… the youth group seniors.

Rupert Jee

Yep, Rupert Jee and I are good friends. (NYC)

Colts vs. Broncos

Colts vs. Broncos, 2003 Playoffs. What an incredible game.

Walter Scott's Home

Walter Scott’s home in Scotland.

Harney Peak

The guys on Harney Peak in SD. This one’s on my wall, I love it.