Parable of the Talents

Today I gave devotions for Chorale at the leading edge of an interesting week. Dr. Guy was gone today and will be gone for all of next week’s rehearsals, just one week before our first weekend tour and weeks before our Sprin Break tour. We have an interesting group this year–one that has the potential to be better than any other year, but one that constantly rebels against the Chorale model of discipline. I brought something today in devotions that I hoped would capture the essence of what Chorale is, and reiterate that regardless of how some feel, to me and those its most important to, it’s not a choir. It’s a ministry and a body of believers engaging in corporate worship.

I read the parable of the talents from Matthew, and instead of going the whole route of relating the monetary talent to our ability talents, I related the talents to the time we have this next week. Explaining that the Chorale is much bigger than any one person, including Prof Guy, I drew the relationship between the week we have to work, and what we are working to accomplish. I then related each part of the room to a different option. As I see it, there are three options as given in the story: go to work and make a profit, invest the talent in the bank, or bury it and do nothing. From there I equated what each option meant for us as a choir, and what the results of each would be.

The real point of the devo was to install what I’ve been calling an “operative phrase” within the Chorale–basically something that is quick and simple to mention, yet something that effectively reminds the group of the idea behind the devotion. It’s kind of like using imagery in sermons (thanks Rob Bell) to help reinforce the main points. The phrase was “don’t bury it,” or more specifically, “don’t bury this week” (again, thanks Rob). I think the point caught on with a lot of people. I praise the Spirit that I was able to be a vessel to deliver His message, and that people responded to that message. What a great day.