On the Brink

To all of you, my faithful readers… I apologize for my lack of writing the last couple of weeks. I would like to blame it on finals, and the end of school and so forth and so on, but some people might blame it on other recent events in my life :) Anyways, I just wanted to give you some idea of what’s happening in my life the next couple of weeks, and key you in on why I may not appear for a week or two.

Finals were done Wednesday, and tomorrow evening I take off with Eric, Aaron, and Justin for what will be one of the most memorable, if not ridiuculous trips ever thought of by man. We will hop on the red-eye on Taurus airlines (that means we’re driving) at 7pm, CDT. The trip will start with a 17-hour drive west to Denver, CO. We’ll stop there briefly, and then make our way up to Rocky Mountain National Park. We’ll camp there for the first night, and then make our way up to the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, a short 8.5 hour drive north. three nights of camping there, and then we’ll make our way back. We’ll leave Thursday morning, and meet up with Nate Lail in Rapid City, SD for dinner. We’re eating at the Alpine Inn, one of the most amazing places I’ve ever eaten. Then it’s another all-night drive back to Milwaukee, WI, where we’ll get about lunchtime, rest for an hour or two, and then make our way to O’Hare Intl. Airport.

From O’Hare, I’ll board an airplane and head out to Phoenix, Arizona–a welcome warm-up from the 20 degree nights in CO and WY. My mom and sister will meet me there, and together we’ll spend the week at Richard, my step-dad’s house. We’ll do some sight seeing, and visit a Diamondbacks baseball game, and other fun stuff. Then Thursday the 12th, I’ll fly back to O’Hare, and hop a car ride over to Moline, Ill. for Mike and Lindsay’s wedding. The wedding is Friday, and then Saturday we’ll hit up Willow Creek on our way back to Marion.

So that’s my itinerary for the next couple of weeks, just so you know. I completely expect to update you before then, and at the very least I’ll be keeping a journal along the way, so if nothing else you’ll be bombarded with writing from the next two weeks.

Yes, we will watch a lot of movies this next week. 52 hours of car riding does that to you.