My website is broken.

I hope it’s just my computer, but I know it’s not. My website is broken. There should be a white background behind all of this text, and there’s not. Which probably means this is a lot harder to read than you want it to be. Just a helpful hint, if you hold CTRL and scroll down with your mouse wheel, the text will get bigger. That may help. Just don’t forget to put it back where it was, or everything will look funny. I have no idea why this all happened… I created a password-protected directory on my server (in a spot completely unrelated to this source code), and since then things have been screwy. Let me know if you figure it out, because it kind of defies logic.

Anyways, you’re probably all anxious to hear about my little trip down to McLean Bible Church today, so I’ll give you the short story and you can call me for the longer one. I spent a fair deal of time with the technical folks today (4pm-11pm), and got to jump right in with them, helping them with some audio setup. After that, I just kind of shadowed and gleaned as much as I could about what goes on at MBC. The answer is a lot. McLean is a church of about 11,000 I believe, and their production truly rivals any I’ve ever seen. The only church I can even draw comparisons with is Willow Creek, MBC is just that massive. What I saw tonight looked phenomenal, and I’m interested to go back Sunday and see their services in action.

So the position they’re filling is one of the many technical people they have on staff; and although we didn’t talk a whole lot about specifics, it sounds like I would just kind of be available to do whatever needs to be done in whichever venue needs the doing. Certainly I wouldn’t be stepping right into the big house and running things (Eric, whom I shadowed at the soundboard tonight, has been doing live audio & studio recording his entire professional life–not exactly territory for a college grad with a paltry two years of experience, even if they were a good 2 years). I think they also were specifically interested in someone who can do lighting effectively. Not just turning them on and off, but doing programming and design, all as part of a coordinated effort with the music and graphics teams. I had to admit that my experience in lighting has been less than first class (read: IWU was too cheap to spend the money on things my fellow techies and I needed for a real world education). However, I do know the basics, I have some experience, and I learn fast enough that I’m confident I can be an asset to MBC in lighting.

Tonight ended with an ‘interview’ over milkshakes in a diner, and to put it in Dave’s words, “we’re on to the second date.” I think I will know a lot more about what’s happening after Sunday. But what has become very evident to me is that I haven’t spent enough time seeking God’s will for my life. I feel like the exit to my future is rushing up on me and I don’t even know whether to take the highway north or south. I know McLean could be a great experience for me, but is it the right one? What about Harvester Christian Church in St. Louis, who just this afternoon sent me an email asking for my references (which means I’m still in consideration there!)?

I truly appreciate all of your prayers over today’s interview, but I need them even more that I will be able to discern God’s will and calling on my life. So as you keep praying for me, pray for that. More updates as they become available!