It’s Thursday night!

Yes, it’s Thursday night and that means it’s time for me to write something. I haven’t forgotten how to do it, I just get busy working or tired after working, or possibly distracted by the last episode of Deadliest Catch (currently). So I will write and watch crab fishing at its best, and hopefully intelligible things will end up on the ol’ website.

For starters, it’s worth noting that I’m temporarily filling a new job at work. Still very much a lighting guy, I’ve recently been given the role of “graphics projection technician” or something along those lines. Shirley was our old lyrics/graphics person, and she officially had her last day last week. So while we search for someone to fill that role, I’m now the new graphics guy for the Edge and other services that happen in the Smith Center. Thankfully I don’t actually have to do it alone, I’m kind of splitting time with Robby, who does a lot of the same things I do (lighting, weekly maintenance, etc). We’re hoping that our new job is a temporary one, and that we don’t do it so well they decide we can do it permanently :)

Our house got some very welcome loving in the past couple weeks, with all new carpet and paint throughout the common areas of the house. Of course it’s really nice to have new paint and carpet, but it also gave us the inspiration needed to do some deep cleaning, and we’re all pretty happy with the nicer, cleaner living room and kitchen. The problem is now that we’ve taken so much junk down from the walls and thrown so much away, we’re not sure what to put back up, and sitting here looking at the walls, the answer appears to be nothing. I guess I can get over the missing fire helmets and the mountain goat head.

I’ve been golfing a couple of time in the last week, and remembered how much I still like doing it. It does help that I played fairly well both times, and although my scores didn’t reflect it, I feel like if I put some work into my game and get a lot of rounds in that I may be playing very well by the end of the season. Of course the hard thing is that golf is expensive, especially in a city with such a high cost of living, and I may have to choose between my goal of playing ice hockey and my newfound desire to play lots of golf. I think golf will probably win the battle, but I haven’t yet decided for sure.

Well, it’s past my bedtime now and I’m tired. Short and sweet, just the way I like it. Peace.