Fusion Conference

We’re heading into the last day of Fusion Conference at the church. I’ve only been working the main events, so I didn’t get a chance to sit in on any of the seminars, but the speakers have been great so far. Donald Miller, Dan Kimball and others. Donald Miller really challenged me tonight in what may be the best message I’ve ever heard. It’s funny, because he’s not the captivating, uber-communicator type that you might expect when I say ‘best message I’ve ever heard.’  But he just relates things in ways that make a lot of sense to me. And judging on how well his book (Blue Like Jazz) sold, apparently a lot of people my age.

I have the recording and I want to listen to it again before I post more thoughts, mainly because they’re all very disorganized at 3am. But there are some good thoughts swirling around in my head.

Oh, Don Miller is pretty funny, too. He claimed to stop wearing deodorant in favor of anti-bacterial hand gel. In the context of the conversation, it was really funny.