Tony has Speech class with me. Today we had a special class in the library.

Paul French is in class, too. And so is Amanda, but apparently she didn’t want the glory and fame of being on the website.

Stephen and I have Theology together. His wife, Michelle, works in Academic Affairs with my mom. For some reason, he calls me “Supreme Chancellor of the Universe.” I kinda like it.

This is Ben. He lived down the hall sophomore year, and we shot each other with AirSoft guns a lot. I think I bled once or twice.

Kent was our team leader this summer. He’s old and graduated, but was here yesterday for homecoming. On 11 February, he’s getting married.

Dr. Barnes
A couple seconds after I took this picture, Dr. Barnes looked over at me, but his cronies must not have been able to find me in my super-secret hiding spot.

Justin and Nate Felt. They’re our two RA’s for the Townhouses.

Ryan and Justin
This picture was staged, of course. But it’s still far too incriminating to not be put on the website.

1:00am Saturday = Taco Bell run. I was proud of this one, I took it while I was driving.

Dang freeloaders. You say, “Taco Bell” and at least one of them always comes.

Taco Bell
I can’t even tell you the feelings this place stirs up in me.

Late Night
Last night we had one of those ageless latenight talks. Good times.