Dr. Maher

I’m not sure how many of you are still reading since I haven’t written much in a while, but for those of you who are you’ll be happy to know I have four post-it notes of topics to write on, and they’ll be receiving attention starting tonight. These ideas spawned from lunch with a very dear friend of mine, Dr. John Maher. I had music theory with him way back in my Freshman and Sophomore years, and always was a big fan of his. Somewhere along the way last year, we started getting to know each other on a more personal level over the course of several lunches, and now we try to meet for lunch a few times a semester to enjoy each other’s company and usually to have some very engaging discussion. I can’t express to you enough how much our lunches together mean to me, and how thankful I am for them and the relationship we’ve built over the past couple of years.

Today at Subway, we had some really great conversation about the things that were on our minds, mostly about religion and the church, and it spawned a lot of thinking for us. My four post-it notes have 12 different topics we touched on today that I would like to write on. Some of them are really in-depth topics that would require a lot of research and hard work, many are things I need to think on a lot more, and a couple are simply opinion issues that I have strong opinions about.

I can’t promise you which topic I’m leaning towards writing about tonight, but something is coming. And it will be deep. And it will be worth reading (I hope).