Documentary, Friday-style

Well, as some of you may have noticed, I didn’t get the Documentary posted last night. My apologies to those of you who are early-morning viewers, but it’s up now. I’ll still be taking pictures over the weekend, but since these aren’t up until today, I may wait and combine the weekend into one set of pictures Sunday night. We’ll see.

You should know that September was a break out month for I had 16,963 hits, and 1,350 unique visits. If you don’t speek Web geek, hits are the number of times you page is accessed by other computers, but 90% of those are automated by search engines and such. So lately unique visits has become the standard way to count visits of a site. This means that 1,350 times last month, my site was accessed and actually read by people. Looking at the day-by-day stats, it looks like there’s somewhere between 50-80 regulars of the site. During the course of the month, I also had page views from Iran, UK, EU, Australia, Netherlands, Egypt, Japan, China, South Korea, Poland, and Sweden. Looking at the list of countries on there, not sure if those are good things or not :)

The Documentary: Friday