Cross one off the list

You may remember a few weeks ago, when I listed some of the things I wanted to do in the near future. They’ve all been desires of mine for a long time, thought some (like ice hockey) have only more recently become of interest simply because, well, there’s just not that much ice hockey going on in Marion. But this week, after many months of reading photographer’s advice, reviews, specs, and looking at hundreds of photos; and having a few dollars in surplus thanks to birthday and tax money, I purchased this:

The Nikon D40, the newest model in their highly-regarded line of great cameras. Professionals the world over all shoot Nikon digitals, because they’re great cameras and they cost a lot less than the Ferrari’s and Porsche’s of cameras do. Believe it or not, I actually made great improvements in my purchasing discipline this time. Originally I had eyed the D80 or even the D200, which would be at least twice as expensive as the rig I got. But after reading lots of information very thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that this camera will do 99% of everything I want it to, and I didn’t really need the other 1% anyways. So when I finally decided this was the model to buy, that also freed me up to go ahead and buy it, because my specially designated photography savings was adequate.

So now I look forward to having a new outlet to express myself creatively and artistically. This camera is powerful enough to do a lot of things my old camera couldn’t, and it will provide the shot in the arm I need to spend more time pursuing my photography. I’m already planning on shooting Friday, and taking my next photo trip Tuesday, location TBD.

I’m excited.