Clarifying comments

I don’t have much inspiration for a new article today… but I would like to explain myself to Amy since she asked me what I meant by “and she digressed from there by basically becoming one of those old people who have no appreciation for where music is headed right now.”

I guess the best way to explain my thoughts here is to say I was trying to put Gloria into that stereotype view of old people that a lot of the younger generation has. I don’t personally feel like older people are generally detrimental to the progression of worship as far as style goes, and I don’t necessarily think the fact that worship is almost universally (I say universal meaning the typical evangelical American church with at least a moderate amount of regular attenders) gravitating towards the Christ Tomlin feel is really a great thing either.

But the point was to get across my feelings on how she seemed to turn from her original argument (‘its the message, not the style’) to one of a prescription of music that must be followed.

Also as far as her theological reasons for harmony, I don’t mind using that as a great parallel between music and the body. I just don’t think it’s appropriate to call it a theological reason for harmony. Somehow I get this feeling of doubt that God created the body to work as it does just to make us all sing 4-part. Especially since 8-part is better, anyways. :)

So far this semester Friday has been a good writing day for me, so look forward to good stuff again tomorrow night.