Churchton, Maryland

I drove over to the western Chesapeake Shore today for my second shoot on the bay. This time it was about 50 degrees warmer than last time, I have an exponentially better camera, I found a great place to shoot, and God provided some tremendous light to shoot in. I have a ton of pics I really like, so when I say I’ve got 12 for you today, understand that’s narrowed down from a field of 40 or 50 candidates. Maybe someday I’ll get a flickr account or some other online photo album, but for now I’m content just to show them off here. You can feel free to click on them, I remembered to upload two different sizes today, so each picture is about 1.2mb for the ‘medium’ size. I already have one as a wallpaper and another couple waiting on standby, and if you want to use any of them as a wallpaper feel free. If you email me and ask, I’ll even crop it for widescreen or standard width.