Changing jobs but not changing jobs.

Today I signed my new job description, and I’m now officially the graphics designer/projection technician for the Smith Center. It means I’ll be doing a little bit less lighting, and be spending a little more time during the week working on graphics. I’m still doing lighting design some, and hope to do more if things fall into place, but for now I’ll probably be about 35% lights and 65% graphics stuff. It’s more than a little scary for me, because I don’t really feel like I’m ready to take on the role. I certainly don’t stack up to our two guys who do design for Frontline and the Rock. They’re awesome. But I take some good pictures, and I’m hoping between that and massive amounts of reading (mostly websites, but also some books) and podcast watching, I’ll be able to do a decent job at designing graphics, too. Today I took a crack at cel shading a picture I took. In retrospect, it was a terrible choice of picture because the process was painstakingly slow. I think you can figure out why. Now that I’ve spent hours on it, I’m not entirely sure it’s suitable for being used in a worship service, but I guess I have to learn those things, too.

You’ve seen this technique before in tv commercials. It’s been a fairly popular look in the last couple of years. Also, I remember a set of curious grandparents wondering what good could possibly come from taking pictures in the old town park. Well, here’s one of them!

And with cel shading:

Not entirely sure it’s finished yet, but dang, I spent a long time on it already.

Oh yes… I no longer love the game of golf. I despise it.

I can’t wait to go again.