A new season

The Colts have officially put last year’s season behind them, per Peyton Manning during his latest press conference. Mini-camps have started already, and the team is now focused on the 2007 season. So although it’s sad to take down my banner (I spent the better part of four hours making that banner the night they won), I stand with my team as they press on to win the prize, namely Superbowl XLII. So no more Colts banner for now.

In other news, I’d like to retract what I said about Donald Miller’s message. I listened to it again, in the company of my mom and stepdad, and the three of us were together unimpressed. I still like the allegory he made between our lives and stories, and some of the implications it had. For me, being largely a reading/writing person, the story connection was a new and unique way of looking at our spiritual walk. But overall the message was very toned with post-modernism, specifically with a heavy dose of self interest. As I listened again, I became aware of just how much the message revolved around our decisions as humans, and how little it involved God leading our decisions. It was one of those messages that we as humans like to hear, because it’s easier for us to decide what we want to do than it is to let God decide. Richard was quick to point this flawed theology out after we were done listening to the message, and he was right to do so. Unfortunately, it’s the overall tone of the emerging church movement, and while I see a lot of benefits within the movement, many of its leaders scare me… a lot. Brian McLaren–yikes.